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Effective lactate diagnostics
Reliable | Precise | Cost-effective

The LACTATE PLUS is an accurate lactate measuring device from Nova Biomedical in the USA. Nova Biomedical is a worldwide leading company in the development of biosensors. The LACTATE PLUS has been in use worldwide for many years and has convinced its users. This is proven by various international studies. Even renowned institutes, sports universities and Olympic bases are impressed by the accuracy of the measurement results and use the LACTATE PLUS successfully in daily practice.

TOP USERS of the LACTATE PLUS community are among others Kristian Blummenfelt, Gustav Iden, Braden Currie, Frederic Funk, Mika Noodt, Ruben Zepuntke, Lukas Stahl, the Bora-hansgrohe Team, the Visma-Lease a bike Team, the Uno-X Mobility Team, the Q36. 5 Pro Cycling Team, the German Swimming Federation, the Swis Alpine Ski Team, the Norwegian Triathlon Federation, the Polish Triathlon Federation and many other well-known athletes and organisations.

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Lactate diagnostics is our passion

CARDIOWORLD is the exclusive European importer of the LACTATE PLUS.

We brought LACTATE PLUS from the USA to Europe in 2012 and successfully established it in the market. With a functioning distribution network of experienced and reliable partners in the field of sports and sports medicine, LACTATE PLUS is successfully distributed in more than 31 European countries.


Meanwhile, the LACTATE PLUS has become the market-leading hand-held lactate measuring device in many countries and we are pleased to see a constantly growing number of users in both the professional and amateur sector.


Users who would like to switch to LACTATE PLUS but already own a  lactate device receive a special offer from CARDIOWORLD. Take advantage of this one-time offer and send us an email with the subject: „Time to Change“!



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